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Saturday, 9th of June, 2002

Well, after over 8 weeks of shipping (lousy UPS!) I've finally recieved my Tuxscreen. Unfortunately the power supply can't handle the 240v of power we have here in Australia, so I bought an industrial-looking Powertech transformer from Jaycar for $AU99 - and was pleased to note that the Tuxscreen boots just fine. The phone software has a very hackerish quality to it. :-)

My aim is to install Linux on the screen, and get Python 2.2 running with SDL on the framebuffer using Pygame. Assuming that all works (and it should) I'm going to write some GPS and navigation software, and stick the whole thing in my car.

Tuesday, 27th of August, 2002

Installing Linux was suprisingly easy considering the amount involved. Linux boots and can NFS mount shares exported from my desktop computer using a D-Link DE-660 PCMCIA card. I did the "5v hack" expecting to get a PCMCIA hard drive of some sort, but I'm not so sure about that idea anymore.

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