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Microwindows on the TuxScreen (see MicrowinScreenshots)

Written by Jordan Crouse (jordanc@censoft.com) or CosmicPenguin in #eLinux on irc.freenode.net

(for the impatient, the downloads are in http://www.TuxScreen.net/download/microwin/ )

This is a short discussion on putting the Nano-X graphics engine (part of the Microwindows project) on the TuxScreen.

A little background for those who joined us late: the Nano-X server is an XLib like graphics engine that has been targeted at embedded applications. Because it uses standard interfaces and somewhat generic code, it is very portable. It is also very small, with the server (and all the libraries) weighing in at 170K, and the average raw Nano-X app coming in between 30 and 60K.

Please note: Nano-X is not intended to be a replacement for Tiny-X (the embedded X server).

If you choose, you can use the provided kernel and JFFS2 images. If you are really brave, you can try compiling them yourself. Instructions are in the nanox-apps.tar.bz2 file. I wish you good luck.

Version 0.1 (08/21/01) ( http://www.TuxScreen.net/download/microwin/0.1/ ) This is the first public disk image with Microwindows and the TinyTOE window manager. Provides a touchscreen calibrator (tuxcal), a window manager (wm), a terminal (nxterm), a Snake / Nibbles like game (nxsnake), and a browser (ViewML).

Version 0.2 (08/21/01) ( http://www.TuxScreen.net/download/microwin/0.2/ ) Added Russ's backlight controls (backlight is controlled by a timeout - currently 60 seconds). Also added the first tarball of source code (nanox-apps.tar.bz2). Enjoy!


Window Manager : Add contrast/brightness controls, add a virtual keyboard, add support for a configuration file (to set colors, apps, icons, etc....)

Terminal: Make it more VT102 compatible (it should at least run VI)

ViewML: Make uClibc C++ compatible, remove w3c-libwww dependancy, remove thread dependancy (goal - Shrink the binary to under 1MB)

New applications: Some ideas: message center, calendar, image viewer, solitare, freecell, majong, irc client

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or otherwise, please e-mail me or seek me out on the IRC. Thanks, and happy hacking!


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