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A super small GUI system for embedded linux. it's homepage is at http://picogui.org that has screenshots and other information.

JohnLaur adds:

Update (10/14) Releases of the PicoGUI environment for the tuxscreen can be downloaded at: http://www.tuxscreen.net/download/picogui

PicoGUI has several features that make it very well suited, at least in my opinion, for developing on this platform:

  • Client / Server architecture (UNIX sockets and TCP/IP)
  • Small footprint (Smaller than Nano-X/Microwindows)
  • Built in fonts and widgets
  • 90 and 180 degree screen rotation (Helpful for projects such as the kitchen recipe panel, etc where the touchscreen would be removed from the phone and rotated)
  • Small and well integrated theme support
  • Flexible input/output support
Screenshots are avaliable at http://www.picogui.org/scrshots.php

JohnLaur has written a PicoGUI driver to support the touchscreen. Keyboard support is on the way. Barring the squishing of several (numerous) little buglets, he plans on making a release and integrating PicoGUI as an option to the existing buildsystem in CVS. PicoGUI currently has very few problems building against uclibc.

JohnLaur apologizes for the poor quality of the screenshots below:


pseudo3d theme, omnibar, canvastest, dialogdemo showing date picker


pseudo3d theme, closeup of omnibar showing dropdowns and cpu meter


nifty3d theme, omnibar, canvastest, battleship, and blackout games


Update 9/19 Aqua theme!, flyingtux (notice no blitting problems), blackout, dialogdemo

The major drawback to using PicoGUI is that regular Nano-X or X applications are not easily ported to the system. Still, while it may not be a suitable environment for developing games, browsers, or email applications, it is very well suited for creating advanced telephony applications such as directory services, etc.

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