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The software on the devices at present is Inferno by VitaNuova. Updated version is on the Inferno page.

The TuxScreen project platform currently consists of the following Software resources:

A JTAG application used to program the bootable flash, monitor flash locks, and place a splash screen into a frame buffer A modified BLOB (Bootable Loader Object) with splash screen support The TuxScreen Splash Screen Image Diffs for a standard 2.4 Linux kernel with rmk, np, and tux patches to support the TuxScreen device. http://russ.dhs.org/tuxscreen.html A video driver for the Sharp lm8v31 touch screen device A touch screen driver for the Sharp lm8v31 touch screen device An mtd jtag mapping http://russ.dhs.org/jtagmap.html (for SA-1100) A gtk+ jtag pin manipulator http://russ.dhs.org/jtagedit.html (for SA-1100)

See the SourceForge Project and/or the downloads directory http://www.tuxscreen.net/download/ for the actual code/patches/images.

Technical documents, schematics, and photos of the various hardware resources to be used to develop further code are available on this site.

The state at present is that the Blob bootloader can be installed using InfernoRemote. Check http://www.TuxScreen.net/download/ for v0.x releases. There are binaries for blob, the kernel, and a root jffs2 filesystem.

After you get that far you may want to use PivotRoot to run Debian or Familar.

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